What Are The Best Hydration Drinks To Stay Healthy And Active?

What Are The Best Hydration Drinks To Stay Healthy And Active?

Water is the best hydration drink that keeps individuals hydrated and active throughout the day. An individual is supposed to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water the entire day to combat dehydration. But sometimes drinking this much water daily becomes a bit monotonous. In that case, one can replace a few glasses of water with some refreshing hydration drinks. There are varieties of naturally made drinks that are both available in packaged forms or can be made with fresh ingredients right at home. These drinks are a great water substitute that can help individuals stay hydrated on hot summer days or while working out.  Before discussing the best drinks, let’s get a brief idea about what a hydration drink actually is.

What is a hydration drink?

A hydration drink is a drink that fills the body with extra water and electrolytes, especially when the body gets dehydrated. The electrolytes in the water charge the body and help one to stay active and hydrated throughout the day. While water is the best source of hydration, certain drinks such as electrolyte water, watermelon juice etc. can also help to keep the body hydrated for a considerable period. May it be after a post-workout session or while working in the office, one can just grab a glass of a tasty hydration drink and stay hydrated and active for longer hours.

What are some of the best hydration drinks?

Following is the list of some of the top choices when it comes to hydration drinks:

  • Electrolyte-infused water- electrolyte-infused water is even better than water. Why? When one is dehydrated one gets depleted of electrolytes. Electrolytes are responsible for helping the kidneys function properly. When in a hurry a glass of packaged electrolyte water can be a savior.
  • Watermelon juice- While most fruit juices are healthy, when it comes to dehydration watermelon juice is one drink that works the best. The reason behind this is, watermelon juice contains a high percentage of water and less percentage of sugar in it. A glass of watermelon juice is both tasty and hydrates the body instantly.
  • Gatorade- Athletes from all over the world prefer Gatorade as it has a percentage of electrolyte in it. Though Gatorade consists of a good percentage of sugar in it, this sugar is not that bad as it helps the body to absorb the electrolytes completely.
  • Coconut water- Also known as a natural sports drink, coconut water does wonders for the body especially when the body is dehydrated. Coconut is not only good for skin and hair but it also works as a great substitute for water. The added benefit is, unlike other sports drinks it’s absolutely free from sugar.
  • Cucumber juice- A refreshing glass of cucumber juice along with some sliced cucumber, mint and ice can be a go-to hydration drink during the summer.


One needs to always stay hydrated to keep the body functioning properly. When bored of drinking plain water, one can try out the above-mentioned hydration drinks to stay active. A glass of refreshing hydration drink can do magic to one’s body!

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