Nutriental benefits of the sugar free strawberry

Nutriental benefits of the sugar free strawberry

Finding the tastiest, healthiest and convenient food can be quite challenging especially with the current fumbling economy. For those with hectic schedules and busy life, it is easy to choose instant or fast food when hunger strikes and it certainly saves their time. Thankfully, there is an alternative to these unhealthy eating habits and most importantly quite convenient and affordable. One of them is to incorporate sugar free strawberry into their diet as snacks or even a quick fulfilling meal.

    Strawberry as we all know contains so many health benefits, which makes it one of the most favourable fruits among food consumers. The fact that it is small fruits yet packed with nutritional goodness, makes it versatile to be taken raw or complemented with other food such as bread or milk. Although there are so many products in the market based on strawberries and claimed to provide its consumer all the nutritional contents that strawberries could offer, it is essential for consumers to understand that the best product to buy is raw strawberries or sugar free strawberry-based products.

    Sugar free strawberries can help provide nutrimental benefits just as raw strawberries may offer. One of the most famous and established health benefits from having strawberries is high content of vitamin C. Vitamin C and flavonoids is a powerful antioxidant which helps boost the immune system to help fight against infection, reducing inflammation process and powerful skin healing properties. Hence, during the strong wave of Covid-19 pandemic, people are keen on buying vitamin C supplements to support immunity health and to reduce symptoms of the infection. Usage of vitamin C is no doubt high among beauty conscious as it helps to improve skin barrier, reduce ageing skins like wrinkles sign and for a healthy radiance skin. This citrusy vitamin also has been proved to speed up wound healing or skin lesion by manipulating the collagen and skin cells responsible for skin regeneration.

    Good news for those with diabetes, sugar free strawberries can help satisfy their sweet tooth as they contain natural fruit sugar. It is also low in calories and very refreshing which makes it the best fruit for snacking. While all fruits in general are healthy, people with diabetes need to be careful with the glycaemic index of fruits as high glycaemic fruits can cause a spike of blood sugar level after meals. Luckily, sugar free strawberries belong to a group of fruits with low glycaemic index. These strawberries also contain fibre and anthocyanins which proves to slow down glucose digestion and improve insulin resistance, thus helping patients for diabetes control.

    Coincidentally, strawberries are shaped almost like a heart. Numerous studies show strawberries are actually beneficial to reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack by reducing the level of cholesterol in blood especially LDL cholesterol and improving the blood vessel function (endothelial function). Polyphenols in strawberries might even act as cancer prevention by eliminating potential cancerous cells from growing further. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease is common among the elderly as this disease progresses by ageing. Flavonoids existing in strawberries may help slow down the declining brain cognitive function associated with neurodegenerative diseases and help the brain to function optimally.

    There is no doubt that strawberries have a plethora of nutritional benefits for humans. Sugar free strawberries provide maximal nutrition to support an individual’s good health and wellness. Consumers nowadays need to be smart when purchasing any sugar free strawberries by doing thorough research of the product and carefully reading the label as some products might not live up to the claim when it comes to sugar and strawberries content.


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