Ayahuasca Vs. DMT: How are they different from one another?

Ayahuasca Vs. DMT: How are they different from one another?

There are a lot of people who are under the conception that Ayahuasca and DMT are the same. However, this is not exactly the case. Ayahuasca and DMT are strong chemical components with complex chemical formulations that expand your consciousness and cause psychedelic effects with a strong healing potential. There are some differences between the two of them. So, let us look at what these two components are all about and how they can affect our body, minds and soul.

A Brief Description Of Ayahuasca And DMT:

Ayahuasca is a sacred human-made drink, more than 5000 years old, used by Amazonian tribes as the foundation of their culture. It expands the consciousness and allow to see the ‘real’ reality behind the visible normal world. Nowadays, it is being used in various corners of the world. The Amazonian tribes opened their sacred medicine to the world to spread the consciousness of how-to live in harmony with nature. It is an opportunity for our disconnected society to reconnect again. The active main-substances are DMT and MAO-prohibitors. The combination enables the absorption though the digestion system.

DMT is a endogenous substance that is found in our pineal gland and in a lot of plants and animals, too. It is harvested from the Colorado river toad or extracted from certain plants. However, when DMT is inhaled, the effects are just different. Both Ayahuasca and DMT can also provide you with a transcendental and trans-personal experience. However, the duration and the extent of the effects are quite different.

How Are Ayahuasca And DMT Different?

A few points of comparison between DMT and Ayahuasca have been listed below:

The Duration Of The Experience:

The effects of the Ayahuasca ceremony last for a few hours or a whole night. The effects of DMT retreat Tulum mostly last for a few minutes. The main reason for this difference in duration is that Ayahuasca is mainly absorbed through the stomach and passes into the bloodstream gradually and slowly. As a result, the effects are long-lasting. However, DMT goes directly into our blood through our lungs. In this way the DMT molecules are able to pass the blood-brain-barrier before the MAO enzymes can break them down.

The Intensity Of The Effect:

Both DMT and Ayahuasca provide you with intense effects. Each has their own quality and should be treated with respect. Ayahuasca has a long history and very elaborated approaches to take it. Smoking DMT is quite young in comparison to ayahuasca. This is why there are no traditional use or ceremonies for this approach. It is very intense and as fast it hits you, the fast you’re landing after. People report they can’t really digest the information they received because it is just too much in too short time. One the other hand, it completely opens your mind and expand your consciousness to the edge of the universe. For people who always try to control everything, this can be the right approach. An ayahuasca ceremony gives you the time to go through all the things that you need to process. It is the strongest psychedelic for healing purposes.

Therapeutic Uses:

Both Ayahuasca and DMT have a wide range of benefits for our bodies, mid and spirit. Ayahuasca can treat various conditions, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety. It can be used to treat various chronic health issues. DMT can also be used to treat a lot of disorders related to neurological issues. You can also go for a DMT retreat if you wish to clear your mind and experience a direct connection between your body and soul.

Some Thoughts To End With:

And these are some of the major points of difference between Ayahuasca and DMT. Hopefully, now you can understand what you should expect from an Ayahuasca and a DMT retreat. Whatever you decide to take, always remember to approach these sacred medicines with respect and humility. For more details on DMT and Ayahuasca, you should visit us on our website, and we will provide you with all the relevant information. You can also be a part of the DMT retreat Mexico with us.

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