5 Awesome Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy From Indoor Air Pollution

5 Awesome Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy From Indoor Air Pollution

When we think about air pollution the first thing that strikes our mind is honking cars and buses, tiptoeing on a busy city highway stuck in traffic, or large factories pumping out the industrial smoke through the long chimneys.

These are just a few examples that come to our mind out of many. But have you ever thought or seen someone talking over the indoor air quality? Or just how safe the air is inside your home? And the answer is NO!

The reality is, air quality or air pollution in our home can be just as bad or sometimes even worse than what we experience in the outdoors. With an average individual who spends 91% of his life indoors, it is expected that the talk of the indoor air quality would be more often than normal but it’s not. 

Don’t worry, this is not something to be panicking about, with few preventive measures like installing an excellent air conditioning Sydney or maintenance like indoor plants and other basic knowledge the indoor air quality can be kept clean and healthy.

With all the common air remote pc monitoring software pollutants which range from contaminants brought in from the outdoors by your pets to gas leaks which can turn fatal if exposed for long, the air pollution is decreasing rapidly. One of the most common gases which is a part of this air pollutant is carbon monoxide, a natural gas coming in your house without being burned off.

The homes which are quite older may have asbestos and lead particles present there which is a very damaging factor to our lungs when exposed and released in the open air.

Bathroom and kitchens are the places where the moisture and humidity levels are comparatively higher than the rest of the house often becomes the guest room of mold and mildew, which is a very problematic situation. We are writing down 5 steps you can take to improve the air quality of your home to a healthier level:


Most of the air pollutants come from the kitchen itself. Harmful contaminants like carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide release from the gas stove.

Electric burners also contribute to it by producing similar pollutants and other harmful particles that can be easily absorbed in your bloodstream but in lower levels when compared. So, when the next time you are cooking, keep the kitchen vents turn on and open few windows for the passage of air.


Buying indoor plants to freshen up the air is a good idea. Plants are natural air filters and buying them work wonders apart from enhancing the interiors of your beautiful home. Some good indoor plant ideas are ferns and lilies or palm trees for outdoor surroundings are some of the best to pull contaminants available in the air.


Air conditioners systems are always up and running to provide a perfect environment and temperature at any time of the year. They are also cycling through all that air and filtering out some of the common harmful pollutants from it.

After so much of running period, these filters run out of their quality and demands a replacement or servicing which is mostly ignored and they stop working.

Now, this is the beginning of huge problems, with the filtering not being done properly, these filters will counterattack on the health of it and wears out the system, putting a big hole in your pocket along with deteriorating your health. 

Always make sure to change these ac filters regularly, especially if you are prone to allergies or get a ducted air conditioning Sydney which has an excellent air filter system and low maintenance requirements.


Every time hot or cold air pass and distribute through your home, the air ducts are responsible for it, maintaining a perfectly comfortable environment in each room of the house.

While installing these ducts, one has to make sure that they are at the right place because if they are not installed properly or timely maintained they can easily start distributing the air contaminants in between the rooms.

Various particles get distributed in the duct over time like dust, mold, etc., hence, reducing the performance and quality of the overall air.


Now that you have changed the ac filters, it’s time to move on to the second type of filter which is working hard to keep the indoor air and environment of your house clean.

As you have started putting valuable efforts in improving the quality of air in your home, you have to make sure to check all the filters in your other household appliances such as vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, and kitchen vents.

Everything should be clearly inspected and maintained regularly. Run an inspection and clean or replace these common household filters as per their demand.

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