9 Types of Face Masks Everyone Should Know About

9 Types of Face Masks Everyone Should Know About

Since the break out of the Spanish flu in 1918, COVID-19 or the coronavirus is the next big medical problems in the history of medical sciences. Being a part of this world, it is important that we do everything in our power to combat the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

Many leaders of the world have declared it important to wear the mask when heading out of the home to stay safe from the Virus. A good mask cannot stop the Virus from getting to you; however, it can definitely help you to avoid contributing to the spreading of the airborne disease. Wearing a mask at all times is in itself one of the biggest contributions in helping the world to get back to being normal and economically stable. It may not be like inventing a Bluetooth face mask with wireless technology to keep the contaminants away or creating vaccines to cure the disease, but it’s definitely worth playing the part by wearing masks.

There are a lot of facts and myths when it comes to wearing a mask. Where some among them are simply myths, it is increasingly important to wear a mask when heading out to buy groceries or going to any other public area. Here is a list of the type of facemasks that you can come across and wear on a daily basis.

1. Basic cloth face mask

A standard and commonly found version of a face mask is also one of the highly recommended versions of the face mask to use in public amid COVID-19. You can wear cloth face mask while heading to the grocery store, gas station or other public areas.

2. Surgical face mask

An FDA-approved mask is made from a thin and disposable material used by the professionals who are currently testing for COVID-19. This type loosely covers the mouth and the nose of the individual. It is mostly seen in hospitals by doctors and healthcare professionals.

3. N95 respirators

A respirator is not for the general public. This type of face mask is limited for healthcare professionals and medical responders. It is important to wear these masks for people who are directly in contact with the patient. Supplies such as respirators are limited right now, and these masks must be reserved for the people who really need them.

4. Filtering face piece respirators

Like surgical masks, filtering face piece respirator face mask is disposable. These types of face masks are not usually worn by healthcare professionals rather by people working with wood or plants to decrease the exposure to particles such as wood duct, animal dander and pollen. Along with that, people with allergies may also consider this type of facemask.

5. P100 respirators/gas mask

A P100 respirator isn’t commonly associated with healthcare, rather is commonly found in chemical industries and laboratories. If you don’t have to wear this face mask for preventive measures from COVID-19.

6. Self-contained breathing apparatus

This is a facemask commonly worn by firefighters, so they can breathe clean air in dangerous situations. There is no need of wearing this kind of face mask during the pandemic. However, if you do purchase this, you are just taking an important equipment from a firefighter.

7. Full face respirator

Do you have a hard time breathing from a surgical or cloth mask? A full-face respirator is commonly used for home improvements projects which can also be worn to protect from COVID-19. This type of mask is actually reserved for anyone with respiratory problems.

8. Full-length face shield

This is a mask that is a plastic version of the ones that are usually used by welders. It covers the entire face from forehead to chin and is secured by a soft headband. For most times, a full-length face shield is not an ideal covering to shield from COVID-19 Virus as it can be tough to breathe in overtime.

9. KN95 respirator

KN95 are similar to the N95 face masks and can capture about 95% of tiny particles in the air.

Which type is suitable for protection from COVID-19? 

The general consent of the medical professionals and community states that it is the cotton face masks that are able to provide optimum protection against the COVID-19 Virus. One reason for this is because cotton fibers filter out a higher percentage of the particles than the other materials used in making the mask. In addition to that, they are also soft, cools and breathable, which makes it even more comfortable to wear. Not just that, they are easy to clean and offer the same protection as the others. However, if you are a medical professional working to take care of the infected people, it is a better choice to wear respirators instead of just cotton masks.

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