Tricks to the Perfect Press-on Nails and their Advantages

Tricks to the Perfect Press-on Nails and their Advantages

You love beautiful nails, but you hate the feeling of dealing with a broken nail, or you are not into the upkeep needed to maintain the manicure. Here is the good news. Press-on nails are on trend for a reason. These artificial nails coated with gel or nail paint offer a dazzling look. Alternatively you can visit a nail salon like, and get your nails done professionally, which is sometimes a better option compared to press-ons. Most of the time however these extensions will look good on you, but you need to know the tricks of having the perfect press-on nails. Here, you will learn these tricks and the advantages of press-on nails.

The Tricks to A Perfect Manicure

If you want the perfect manicure for your press-on nails, here are tips and tricks to help you.

  • Applying

If you go to the best nail salon Vaughan, you will notice that they are careful with how they apply the artificial nails. They do proper preparation, including shaping the nails. Make sure you file the nails first to get the desired shape. Trim them down if they are too long. Obviously, the nails do not grow. So, you will only need to trim them on your first application.

  • Design

Design is another choice you need to make carefully for the perfect nail extensions. If you are planning to wear them for long, consider light and solid colors. There is a high chance that gems on the nails will fall off with time if you wear them the longest. Try something with a solid nude or French tip to stay longer and look great.

  • Removal

Make sure you apply less glue if you notice repairs as time goes by. If the nails start popping off a few days before removing them, that is okay. Soak them in warm water to remove the glue. You can also use oil to loosen the glue.

  • Reusing

The nails wear down with time. Whether you had sharp stilettos or square shapes, you might notice they get rounder with time. Trim them to your desired shape and wear them again. You may have a long stiletto shape in the first wear and change to a short oval shape on your second wear. The choice is totally yours.

The Advantages of Press-on Nails

If you are wondering if press-on nails are the best choice, here are their advantages to clear the doubt.

  • Easy to Apply

Artificial nails are easy to apply. You do not need dry time, and they are less frustrating than painting your natural nails.

  • Cheap

Now that press-on nails are reusable, they are cheap in the long run. They are also cheaper than natural nails manicure.

  • A Beautiful Look

Nail extensions have an aesthetic look that helps hide imperfections on the nails. They give your nails an attractive look. However, you need to choose the right design and color.

  • Protecting Nails

According to some people, nail extensions damage your natural nails. On the contrary, press-on nails protect your natural nails. They prevent breaking and splitting.

The Bottom Line

These are honest facts about press-on nails and how to make them perfect. Understanding these tricks and the advantages of nail extensions will help you enjoy this choice while protecting your natural nails.

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