What Does Dental Cleaning Entail?

What Does Dental Cleaning Entail?

People dread teeth cleaning. The occasional noises, sharp pains, and prodding arising from the process give them enough reasons to do so. However, to others, it’s a simple, painless procedure performed at the dental office Barrie.

Understanding what is going on with the process will reduce the tension and allow you to enjoy the fresh milky teeth afterward.

What usually takes place during a dental cleaning? 

Physical examination 

Before any medical procedure is performed, an expert must examine your teeth first. A dental hygienist uses a small mirror to look into your mouth for any signs of diseases such as gingivitis or tooth decay. He will also be keen on inflammations near a tooth, a tell-tale sign of bacterial infection.

If there is a threatening problem, the hygienist may refer you to a dentist for further examination. Otherwise, if all goes well, the cleaning can begin.


Scaling is the process of removing scales from the teeth using a small hooked tool known as a scalar. The hygienist begins by inserting into the spaces between the teeth to remove plaque as he scraps teeth one by one on the upper jaw, followed by the lower jaw.   

Depending on the extent of plaque buildup, the dentists may either use a manual or an ultrasonic scaler. A manual scaler’s functions are similar to the scraper. On the other hand, an ultrasonic scaler is powered by electricity and produces small vibrations. These vibrations break down plaques from teeth and are later sucked out of the mouth.

Polishing and Flossing 

Polishing teeth employ a small electric brush and a special gritty dental paste known as prophylaxis paste. The paste is applied to the tooth then the brushes gently scrub it on the tooth. As they scrub, they are whitening the teeth while removing dirt.

The process is usually painless, but a patient will feel gently scrubbing on their teeth. On the other hand, flossing uses a small floss to clean in between narrow gaps where the scraper can’t reach.


After scrapping and flossing, your mouth is full of dirt. The next step is rinsing. Dentist Barrie will use a liquid containing fluoride compounds to rinse your mouth and ensure it is free from debris. The fluoride mixture also kills germs and bacteria inside the mouth while forming a protective barrier against harmful microorganisms.

Applying Fluoride Treatment 

This is the last step of a dental cleaning in which dentist Barrie applies fluoride treatment to your teeth. The fluoride treatment is a long-lasting protectant against cavities.

Since the protectant will last for months, a dentist will first ask you about your favorite taste. Dental office Barrie may help you narrow it down to specific flavors. They then apply a gel-like substance to your teeth for several minutes.

Lastly, a glossy varnish may be applied to your teeth. The glossy varnish also contains fluoride components for further protection.   

Last Word 

Contrary to popular believes, dental cleaning is simple process and at times enjoyable.  For more information visit dental office Barrie.

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