Permanent hair removal: which method to choose?

Permanent hair removal: which method to choose?

Hair are a part of our bodies, but those who wish to get rid of them, there plenty of options when it comes to methods of permanent hair removal. If you are tired of the regular waxing sessions and are looking for a more permanent solution, then what is being shared here will be of interest to you.

The number of people seeking permanent hair removal has greatly risen in the last few years. Areas of the body on which people usually use long-term or permanent hair removalare arms, legs, groin, underarm and face. There are broadly three types of methods readily available at most of the clinics – laser, electrolysis and IPL (intense pulsed light). The methods vary in their success rate and the degree of pain they cause. You can choose any methods and rest assured that they are all quite effective with minimal side effects. Temporary hair removal methods like plucking, shaving, waxing or hair removal creams often cause annoying side effects.

The most common types of permanent hair removal methods:

Here is a quick peak into the different types of permanent hair removalmethods, their differences, pros and cons so that you are equipped to take an informed decision about which solution will be the most suited for you.

  1. Laser: If you search for the most well-known and popular long-term hair removal method, laser will top the charts. Laser works perfectly for people who have a pale skin as against those who have a darker skin. Laser can be used to remove unwanted hair on all areas of the body like armpits, upper lip or bikini line. The number of sessions needed for complete eradication of hair are about 4-6. The sessions are spaced at a month or 6 weeks. This treatment doesn’t cause much pain and at most feel like elastic band snapping. Most of the patients have reported a great degree of satisfaction with the results.
  2. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): This method is quite like laser, but many more wavelengths are used to target the hair roots and kill them. A low dose of the light shoots deep in the hair follicle and gets absorbed by the papilla pigment, causing each hair to decompose and shrink. Some people find this a little more painful as compared to laser, however the practitioners have developed ways to dramatically reduce the pain. The number of sessions needed depends on the target area, its size and the thickness of hair.
  3. Electrolysis: It is a rapid method for permanent hair removal, which works by delivering tiny pulses of current into the skin, targeting the hair follicle before they develop. This method is effective for any area of the body. The sessions usually last for 45 minutes but the exact duration depends on the size of target area. This is rated as the better solution, because it gives more permanent results and work on all skin and hair color.

Few things to keep in mind when you consider permanent hair removal

Here are a few easy tips to follow to get the best result from your treatment:

  • Use a sunscreen before and after the permanent hair removal treatment. You need it before the treatment so that you don’t have damaged skin while undergoing the treatment, and after the treatment, to protect the skin.
  • Don’t wax or pluck the hair as these treatments work on hair follicle which means the follicle must be present for the treatment to work.
  • Avoid hot showers and perfumes and deodorants after the treatment. As your skin becomes very sensitive after the treatment these must be avoided for at least up to 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Keep a calming cream handy to use post the treatment if you are removing hair from delicate areas like bikini lines and armpit. However, you must consult the practitioner before you buy the cream.

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