Helpful Tips for Getting the Most from Indoor Cycling

Helpful Tips for Getting the Most from Indoor Cycling

Anyone looking to get started with a high-intensity, low-impact exercise has a good option in indoor cycling. You might also know the sport as spinning. Regardless of what you call it, indoor cycling is a form of cardio exercise that takes it easy on the ankles, knees, and hips. You get a great workout in a short amount of time.

Below you will find a series of tips for getting the most from indoor cycling. They are offered by the folks behind Mcycle, a Salt Lake City studio offering classes for students of all skill levels. As you read, bear in mind the importance of consulting with your healthcare provider before you embark on a new exercise program.

Give It Time

Mcycle’s number one tip for new students is to give it time. It is important to start out slowly and gradually work your way up. Furthermore, do not expect to start seeing results after just a few sessions. If you don’t regularly exercise, it may take you several days just to recover from your first time on the bike.

The benefits of indoor cycling will begin showing themselves after a couple of weeks. Your endurance will increase. Your technique and mechanics will improve. You will start feeling better and building the self-confidence that comes with achieving your exercise goals.

Make It Enjoyable

Whether you ride at home, take organized classes, or combine both, find a way to make it enjoyable. Home-based cyclists have the ability to control their environments. They can decorate in whatever way suits them. They can choose their own music or skip the music in favor of a cycling video or a favorite TV program.

If you are taking organized classes, you’re likely to find that your studio employs multiple instructors. You will probably discover that you enjoy working with some instructors more than others. This is completely normal. Instructors expect it. They want you to take classes with those instructors most capable of motivating you.

Change Things Up

When you exercise regularly, there is the risk of getting stuck in a rut. You find what works and you stick with it. That is not bad, except for the fact that getting into a rut can gradually kill your motivation. Mcycle instructors say the best way to avoid the exercise rut is to change things up from time to time.

Maybe you go to the gym or studio twice a week and supplement at home the rest of the time. That’s great. Add a third gym or studio session for a couple of months. Then go back to two. If you normally exercise to a particular style of music, change that style for a little while. If you tend to work out while watching the news, skip the news and put on a sitcom instead.

The idea behind changing things up is to give your mind a new experience to work on. New experiences prevent the mind from getting bored. And if you’re not bored, you are less likely to end up in a rut.

In closing, Mcycle also suggests finding a way to build regular exercise into your daily life instead of always scheduling it. Perhaps you can take two or three classes per week. Great. On the other days, leave your car at home and bike to work. You have to get to work anyway, so why not build exercise into the commute?

Indoor cycling is a great exercise option that delivers high-intensity, low-impact workouts. You might want to consider it if you are looking to get started with a regular exercise program.

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