5 Ways to Stay Fit During Your Pregnancy

5 Ways to Stay Fit During Your Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy may have a detrimental effect on your baby’s health. According to the 2018 research article, too much weight gain affects the cardiometabolic health of your child in the future.

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy requires extra effort. During the first trimester of pregnancy, my wife had a lower back pain and weight gain problem. Therefore I contacted Lahore’s best gynecologists and they gave me some valuable tips that helped my wife during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

5 Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy During Pregnancy

For staying healthy and fit during pregnancy you have to take care of your sleep, body, and meal. Light exercises and good sleep both have the most impact on you and your baby’s health. Let’s get into the details of each tip below.

1.       Sleep well

Good sleep is beneficial for your health. Sleep helps in improving your immune system, regulates growth hormones, and aids in the development of the fetus. Many mothers don’t get enough sleep during the second and third trimester that may endanger the health of the baby. As less sleep may lead to preeclampsia that affects the fetus. Moreover, one research also shows that later preeclampsia can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, for better sleep, it is important to clean up your mind from negative thoughts and the best way to do so is through meditation. Start meditation for 10 to 15 minutes before going to bed and sleep at least 7 hours a day.

2.       Do exercise

Exercises are the best cure for the lower back pain problem which is very common in pregnant women. Lower back pain increases during the second and third trimester therefore it is important to do light exercises like yoga, walking, and water acrobatics for staying fit and healthy. Moreover, if you control your weight during the early stages of pregnancy it will help in weight loss during the post-birth period.

Try light exercises and avoid lying on your back and those exercises move that require movement of the abdominal.

3.       Limit sugar intake

If you have a sweet tooth then it’s time to make a difficult decision. Limiting the consumption of sugar during pregnancy will benefit you and your baby. According to the research, excessive use of sugar may affect the child’s memory and intelligence.

Therefore avoid eating artificial sugary stuff and start eating organic fruits like apples and dried mangos instead.

4.       Keep hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated during pregnancy is vital. The dehydration during pregnancy can lead to multiple complications. It may result in low amniotic fluid, neural tube defects, and premature labor. Moreover, it can also lead to miscarriage.

Therefore to stay healthy keep drinking water frequently. Drink at least 2.3 liters of water each day and for doing so you can also install an app on your handset that reminds you to drink water.

5.       Eat Healthy

What you are eating during pregnancy is going to affect you and your baby. Therefore it is important to eat healthy food. Increases the intake of iron, folate, and calcium during pregnancy.

Start eating leafy green vegetables, dairy products, eggs, beans, salmon, meat, and rice for better health.

Summing Up:

An extra effort is required for maintaining good health during pregnancy. Therefore pregnant women must use all of the above-mentioned tips for staying fit and healthy.

While choosing the food it is wise to consult with the doctor. As not all foods are beneficial for pregnant women. Some foods like raw meat, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, and juice are not suitable for your little one. 

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